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Going for a Walk
Going for a Walk

Online Courses

These online courses are all pre-recorded with Absolute Dogs, I am a Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs and love all of these courses.  I can incorporate the lessons shown in the course within your 1 to 1

Stop Barking Mini Course

Help my dog won't stop barking, stop barking course, my dog barks at everything

Do you have a dog who barks at everything?

  • Other dogs

  • A knock on the door

  • Visitors

  • Strange Noises

  • Unusual object you encounter on walks

  • Strangers

If your dog thinks everything is their business and likes to tell you all about it or responds to things that worry or excite them by barking, you may be feeling a little frazzled.

Restore peace to your household! As an Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Partner and Pro Dog Trainer, I'm excited to share this amazing Stop Barking Mini-course!

For just £27, this course is small buy mighty!  Discover.....

  • Everything you need to crack that barking struggle and restore peace and quiet to your household.

  • Fun, practical games to help your dog become less vocal and prevent inappropriate barking.

  • Lessons which dive deep into your dog's psychology in a fun and accessible way, to help you understand what might be motivating your dog's barking and learn how the magic of games can make unwanted barking a thing of the past.

  • Top tips and strategies you can start implementing right away.

  • Lifetime access.

  • Video captions

  • Additional support in a Facebook group for barking dogs run by myself.

Are you ready to help your dog access their inner calm and turn the volume down on your barking struggles?

Jump into the Stop Barking mini-course by clicking the button below, the price of this mini-course is £27

Stop Jumping Mini Course

Stop jumping, help my dog jumps up on everyone, help my dog won't stop jumping, stop jumping mini course

Do you have a dog who jumps up at strangers? On you? Counter surfing in the kitchen?

If your dog thinks they should be jumping up all the time, then this mini course will have you covered with step by step instructions.

This supercharged, value-packed struggle-focused mini-course (and by struggle-focused, I mean solution-focused!) tackles keeping four paws on the floor head on!

For just £27, this course deep dives into:

  • WHY dogs jump and how to give a dog the gift of calmness, establish rock-solid boundaries and set your dog up for a lifetime of success

  • How transformational your own mindset shift can be when you flip thinking about what you don't want into what you DO want instead!

  • Management strategies and solutions to get your training off to the best start!

  • How to skill up your dog to ace having visitors in your home and how to train your guests to be the perfect training assistants (yes, you read that right!) and set your dog up for success!

  • And the list keeps going......

  • Life time access.

  • Additional support in a Facebook group for jumping up dogs run by myself.

This action packed mini-course is dedicated to help you turn your jumping up struggles to strengths through 16 powerful lessons with Game Ups (take your dog's training to the next level) and Skill Ups (enhance your own learning to optimise your success).  This is the path to achieving real-life results and overcoming jumping up struggles!

Jump into the Stop Jumping mini-course by clicking the button below, the price of this mini-course is £27

Stop Pulling Mini Course

Stop pulling, my dog won't stop pulling, my puppy pulls me on lead, help how do I stop my dog from pulling, stop pulling

Do you dream of a well-behaved dog?

A dog who listens to you, chooses you over distractions and DOESN'T pull on lead?

As an Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Partner and Pro Dog Trainer I'm super excited to share their mini-course Stop Pulling!

For the AMAZING price of just £27, you are going to get:

  • A mini-course that will arm you with everything you need to achieve loose-lead walking success!

  • A series of Game Up videos, demonstrating practical games to train your dog in just a few minutes a day and set them up for the total transformation of real-life results success!

  • A series of Skill Up videos, where you get to geek out and learn all about how games-based training can reshape your dog's brain and help you achieve amazing loose-lead walking skills, regardless of your dog's age, breed or history!

  • Terrific troubleshooting top tips on all the most common pulling on lead struggles faced by dog owners all over the world!

  • Lifetime access to the course - so you can play again and again, as often as you want!

  • Additional support in a Facebook group for lead pulling dogs run by myself.

Stress-free walks aren't a dream - they can be your everyday reality! It's time to empower yourself and your dog with the almighty power of games-based training!

Jump into the Stop Pulling mini-course by clicking the button below, the price of this mini course is £27.

PRO DOG Partner, Pro Dog Trainer, Games Based

Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge


This is more than just your average dog training course. It’s an exciting, solution-seeking adventure where you and your canine companion will explore over 10 key strategies, games, and solutions designed to solve your struggles and transform your bond into something truly extraordinary.

This course is small but mighty! 


Say Goodbye to...

  • Stressful walks and poor recall!

  • Reactivity and pulling on lead! 

  • Household chaos

  • Distraction battles out and about!


  • You'll get over 6 hours of easy-to-understand deep dives into proven training strategies and comprehensive demos with experienced trainers and their students. 

  •  You’ll unlock new skills and discover simple yet effective strategies to bring out the best in your dog.

  • You’ll discover fun new ways to interact with your dog, grow your bond and improve their behaviour! Every session is designed to empower you and your dog. 

  • Gain lifetime access to strategies that teach your dog to love sticking close to you, to value working with you, and to focus on you over any distraction on walks!

  • Lifetime access.

  • Video captions

  • Additional support in a Facebook group run by myself.

Jump into the Sexier Than A Squirrel course by clicking the button below, the price will normally be £97 but is currently £27







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