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Smart Dog


These handouts are for you to print and use, they will cover anything from toilet training log to your dogs words and so much more.

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My Dogs Words
Document you can print out and keep track of the words you are using.  This way everyone in the family/household knows what to use.


My Pawsitive Moments

This document you can print out and use it to keep track of the pawsitive/positive moments you have with your dog.


It's very easy to remember the bad things but we forget to remember the good things.  Having owned a naughty but nice dog it was easy to focus on the bad, this is when I came up with "pawsitive" moments.  I would write the good moments down and pop them in a tub for when I needed to revisit them.

What to bring to Group Class 

This document provides you with a list of items which are best to bring to a group class.

Pumpkin Powder
A document on the different ways to use Pumpkin Powder.  Can be added by mixing onto your dogs daily food, making a puree and adding to food or licky mat plus freezing.

Identification Requirements

This document shows the UK requirements needed on your dog.

Heat Stroke In Dogs

This document shows the recommended temperatures to walk your dog in.

Separation Training Tracker 

This document provides you with a way to track separation training.

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