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Did you know............ dog tags

Did you know that dogs need to be both microchipped (since 2016) and have a dog tag (since 1992) showing certain information.

A lot of people think telephone number, house number and postcode is the only information to show on a dog tag, this is incorrect. The dog tag needs to have the below: -

Owners Name

House Number and First Line of Address


The ideal is: -

Owners Name

Full Address



I've included below a photograph of the information and how it can appear on the dog tag from the Kennel Club website.

Whilst we are talking about dog tags, are you aware that for some dogs who are nervous/reactive hear the jingle, jingle of a dog tag, this can cause them to become more anxious or reactive as this sound is an anticipation of a dog about to appear.

If you can whether you have a dog who doesn't react or have one that does, think about getting a flat tag which is attached to the collar or harness. The flat tags are also great if you compete in dog sports as some of the sports do not allow dangly dog tags.

These can be bought from Amazon or lots of other places. The link for Amazon is shown here - Deeply Engraved Easy fit Agility Collar tag, up to 25mm Collar : Pet Supplies

I've also included a picture of Bonzo's collar with his flat tag showing, blacked out area is my address. If you like his collar then please let me know and I can pass your information on to a lovely lady who makes collars, part of each sale goes towards Saving Balkan Boxer Rescue - this is where Bonzo came from.

I hope this has been helpful.

Bye for now

Sabrina & Bonzo

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