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Bonzo’s 5th Gotcha Day

I got Bonzo on 22/12/18 From Saving Balkan Boxer Rescue

Hope was found in the Balkans July/Aug 2018, she was Bonzo’s mum and has unfortunately now gone over the rainbow bridge.

Based on further information found out she was kicked out of a car and left, most likely because she was pregnant. She was extremely thin and everyone was surprised as to how close she was to giving birth when found.

She gave birth to 8 babies but unfortunately 4 died within the first two weeks of their lives. This was due to how malnourished Hope had been and for so long, everything had been done to help the puppies.

On a happier note, Bonzo was one of the four who survived and he came into mine and Beaus life on 22nd December 2018. One of my close friends Amie travelled down south with Beau and I to meet my little man. We also met the owners of the other pups and Hope’s foster mum as well. I was slightly worried about how Beau was going to cope but had hoped as she acted really well with my friend’s little Westie called Hamish that she would cope with Bonzo.

Beau accepted Bonzo very quickly and was soon cuddling up to him and bossing him around.

The siblings all met up for their 1yr birthday, Bonzo and I have also met up with his sister Nala a few times.

I can’t thank Saving Balkan Boxer Rescue for letting me adopt Bonzo, he is an intelligent little man who has kept me on my toes since I got him.

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